Viewpoint Magazine is an online review of contemporary politics. Its starting premise is that the history of capitalism is the history of the struggle between capital and the working class. Our task is to articulate the proletarian viewpoint at the level of theory.

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Asad Haider and Salar Mohandesi

Executive Editor

Patrick King

Editorial Collective 

Andrew Anastasi, Robert Cavooris, Katy Fox-Hodess, Shuja Haider, Bue Rübner Hansen, Liz Mason-Deese, Wen­dell Has­san Marsh, Julie McIn­tyre, Dave Mesing, Gavin Mueller, Tijana Okic, Mark Paschal, Fulvia Serra, Ben Webster, Evan Calder Williams

Managing Editor

Ben Mabie

Creative and Technical Development

Peter Rood and Matt Ray


Steven Zambrano Cascante

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