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Commune, Party, State

Commune, Party, State

We asked several contributors to write on the theme of the state and revolutionary strategy, for a roundtable discussion revolving around the following prompt: “In the late 19th and early 20th centuries the socialist movement spilled a great deal of ink debating the question of state power. Lenin’s work was perhaps the most influential, but it also provoked a wide… Read more → 

Seven Theses on Workers' Control (1958)

Seven Theses on Workers’ Control (1958)

In the workers’ movement there has been for a long time, and in successive periods, a discussion of the question of the modes and temporalities of the transition to socialism. One tendency, which occurred in various forms, believed it was possible to schematize the temporality of this process, as if socialist construction had to be preceded, always and in every case, by the “phase” of construction of bourgeois democracy.

The Biology of Citizenship: Immigration, DNA Testing, and the State

The Biology of Citizenship: Immigration, DNA Testing, and the State

The past twenty years have witnessed a “return of the citizen,” 1 resulting in manifold proposals to redefine and expand the notion of citizenship and its links to the nation-states, giving rise to terms like post-national, denationalized, and transnational citizenship. 2 In the last decade, a new concept has emerged that has received particular attention in the citizenship discourse: “biological” 3… Read more →