Felice Mometti

is an independent researcher.

Gilberto Rivera, 2020

The Bessemer Debacle: Why Did Amazon Workers Vote Against Unionization?

Over the course of fifty days, Amazon mobilized dozens of consultants and influencers, created websites, sent dozens of anti-union messages to every employee on Twitter and WhatsApp, and called a hundred meetings with mandatory participation during working hours. On the other hand, the union avoided mobilizing its members with public protest actions and did not organize moments of active solidarity with other Amazon centers and other unions.

Governance and Social Conflict in a Time of Pandemic

Governance and Social Conflict in a Time of Pandemic

In the surreal, suspended atmosphere characterizing our current predicament, it would be easy to focus our attention only on the catastrophe unfolding in front of our eyes. But this strange, anxious time we are experiencing is also filled with struggles, acts of solidarity, and processes of class composition and self-organization.