Marta Malo

is a freelance translator, activist, researcher and mother living in Vallecas, a working-class neighborhood in Southern Madrid. Since 1999, she has been committed to the development of theoretical discourse on power, gender, borders and governmentality, as well as to grassroots action-research and pedagogical practices. In 2004, she was responsible for the edition of a collective book on militant research practices: Nociones Comunes. Experiencias y ensayos entre Investigación y Militancia. Her collaborative projects include Precarias a la deriva, an action research project on female precarity by precarious women workers (2003-2007), and Manos Invisibles, an ongoing collaborative research project on neoliberal governmentality. In the post-15M context, she has got involved in the establishment of Escuela de Afuera, which aims to develop new pedagogical tools to decolonize our ways of knowing, building transversal and unusual connections between the university and its outskirts.

The Strike of Those Who Can't Stop: An Interview with Verónica Gago and Natalia Fontana

The Strike of Those Who Can’t Stop: An Interview with Verónica Gago and Natalia Fontana

To strike is to challenge and block the forms of producing and reproducing life in homes, in neighborhoods, in workplaces. It is to connect violence against women with the specific political nature of the current forms of exploitation of the production and reproduction of life. The strike was the key that enabled us to unite those two things.