Matthieu Renault

holds a doctorate in political philosophy (Université de Paris Diderot and Università degli Studia di Bologna) and is a researcher at Les Afriques dans le Monde (CNRS, Sciences Po Bordeaux). He was previously a postdoctoral researcher at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is the author of Frantz Fanon: De l'anticolonialisme à la critique postcoloniale (2011) and L'Amérique de John Locke: Expansion coloniale de la philosophie européenne (2014).

Revolution Decentered: Two Studies on Lenin

Revolution Decentered: Two Studies on Lenin

Through the two studies that follow, we will begin to explore Lenin’s itinerary of a decolonization of the revolution, covering the question of national self-determination and struggles for independence prior to 1917 as well as the imperative to decolonize the Russian Empire after 1917, starting with the case of the Muslim colonies of Central Asia. 

Toward a Counter-Genealogy of Race: On C.L.R. James

Toward a Counter-Genealogy of Race: On C.L.R. James

The analysis of James’s thought elaborated here is only a preliminary to what we have called a counter-genealogy of race. Tracing this genealogy could assist us in overcoming the aporias that stall contemporary debates around race, and requires suspending any pre-given conception of the concept in order to shed light on the heterogeneous, and sometimes contradictory, historical instances of a counter-concept of race within struggles against racial oppression.