Sophie Lewis

is a writer, translator,
utopian and critical geographer who has completed a PhD on gestational
surrogacy (entitled Cyborg Labour) at the University of Manchester,
England. Her academic writing is in (or forthcoming in) Antipode,
Feminism & Psychology, Signs, Frontiers and the anthology Intimate
Economies (Palgrave 2016). Her non-academic writing appears at Blind
Field, Salvage, Jacobin, The New Inquiry and Mute. She helped turn
Bini Adamczak's Communism for Children into English, as well as
Patu/Antje Schrupp's Brief History of Feminism, for MIT Press. She is
writing a book entitled Full Surrogacy Now."

Cthulhu plays no role for me

Cthulhu plays no role for me

Haraway’s former (profoundly system-oriented) Marxian technofeminism has given way, then, to something called multispecies feminism characterized by a barely disavowed willingness to see whole cities and cultures wiped from the planet for the sake of a form of thriving among “companion species” involving relatively few of us.