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Finance in Frankfurt: The Global Left and the Eurozone

Finance in Frankfurt: The Global Left and the Eurozone

Com­ing out of the city on the train one morn­ing, I passed by Occupy Frank­furt – maybe three dozen large tents, a con­cen­trated but stead­fast group. It was pour­ing rain – my run from the tram to the main train sta­tion left me soak­ing, despite umbrella – but the encamp­ment seemed unper­turbed, perched as it is under­neath some of the largest sym­bols of Europe’s finance sector.

Steal This Data

Steal This Data

“The rul­ing class in the United States,” as McKen­zie Wark puts it in the recent spe­cial issue of The­ory and Event on the Occupy move­ment, “is less and less one that makes things, and more and more one that owns infor­ma­tion and col­lects a rent from it.” Every time you buy a CD or DVD, even every time you stream from YouTube or Net­flix, you’re not fund­ing artists. You’re fund­ing the 1% and their per­sonal army of met­ro­pol­i­tan police, whose major inter­est right now seems to con­sist of gassing stu­dents and tear­ing down barns. What’s a polit­i­cally informed media junkie to do? Prob­a­bly what you’re already doing – pirate.