Glossary, Acronyms and Periodicals

AVNOJ Anti-Fascist Council of People’s Liberation of Yugoslavia
AFŽ Women’s Antifascist Front
afežeovke members and activists of the Women’s Antifascist Front
CC CPY Central Committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia
chetniks Serb-nationalist rebels, in particular members of Draža
Mihailović’s ‘Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland’
DFJ Democratic Federal Yugoslavia
feredža burka, a veil covering the face and body worn by Muslim women
FNRJ Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia
hajduci Christian anti-Ottoman rebel or outlaw
kadija judge in the Ottoman period
kadinica wife of the judge in the Ottoman period
CPBiH Communist Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina
CPH Communist Party of Croatia
CPY Communist Party of Yugoslavia
CPSU Communist Party of the Soviet Union
NDH Independent State of Croatia, Axis puppet-state established in
Occupied Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina in April 1941
NF People’s Front.
NOB People’s Liberation Struggle
NOF People’s Liberation Front
NOO People’s Liberation Committees
NO People’s Committees
NOP People’s Liberation Movement
NOR People’s Liberation War
NOV People’s Liberation Army
partizanke Female Partisan soldiers
SFRJ Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, SFRY
SKOJ League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia, the CPY’s youth
udarnice female shock workers
ustasha ‘Insurgent’, a Croat fascist
uskoci Croatian anti-Ottoman naval irregulars or pirate
WIDF Women’s International Democratic Federation
ZAVNOBiH State Anti-fascist Council for the People’s Liberation of
Bosnia and Herzegovina
ZAVNOH State Anti-fascist Council for the People’s Liberation of

Organisational Structure of the AWF/AFŽ :

Centralni Odbor 1 AFŽ-a Central Committee of the AFŽ of Yugoslavia
Glavni Odbor AFŽ-a Republican Committee of AFŽ (each of the republican
organisations of the AFŽ was led by a Republican Committee)
Mjesni Odbor AFŽ-a Local Committee of the AFŽ
Okružni Odbor AFŽ-a District Committee of the AFŽ
Regionalni Odbor AFŽ-a Regional Committee of the AFŽ
Sreski Odbor AFŽ-a County Committee of the AFŽ
Zemaljski Odbor AFŽ-a Country Committee of the AFŽ

List of Periodicals and Newspapers

Ženski pokret
Nova Žena
Žena u borbi
Naša žena


1 As the word ‘councils’ is normally used in English translations of AVNOJ, ZAVNOBiH and ZAVNOH, we have rendered the ‘odbori’ of the AFŽ as ‘committees’. The structure of AFŽ Committees was hierarchical and authority flowed down from higher to lower ones. 

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