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Striking for Ourselves

Striking for Ourselves

The strike allows us to find each other, and to together constitute a new collective subject, bringing our bodies together in a common action and shared territory. Just as women’s labor takes many forms, so does the women’s strike: a work stoppage, a walkout, a march, a picket, a blockade, a shopping boycott, collectively refusing gender roles.

The Shadow of the Plantation

The Shadow of the Plantation

It remains to be seen what kind of politics can be built on the foundation of the notion of racial capitalism. To determine what organizational and practical activity can be derived from this analysis, we should turn to the comparison we have in front of us: the work of the communists of the early 20th century, who began with the now widely discredited and ridiculed Black Belt thesis.

Back in Black

Back in Black

Only a concrete analysis of our concrete situation can determine what role, if any, the black bloc can play in today’s movements.

Poetry After Trump

Poetry After Trump

This original encounter of linguistic difference, of unintelligibility and non-translatability, seems to have had a lasting impact on the long, slow, violent, and modern histories of human suffering mentioned above. In a sense, poetry and politics after Auschwitz must be barbaric—that is to say, they must be foreign to the hegemonic language and culture that produced the Holocaust.

Beyond Lean-In: For a Feminism of the 99% and a Militant International Strike on March 8

Beyond Lean-In: For a Feminism of the 99% and a Militant International Strike on March 8

The kind of feminism we seek is already emerging internationally, in struggles across the globe: from the women’s strike in Poland against the abortion ban to the women’s strikes and marches in Latin America against male violence; from the massive women’s demonstration of the last November in Italy to the protests and the women’s strike in defense of reproductive rights in South Korea and Ireland.