Salar Mohandesi

is an editor of Viewpoint and a doctoral candidate in History at the University of Pennsylvania.

What's Left of Bernie's Revolution?

What’s Left of Bernie’s Revolution?

Bernie Sanders’s run for Pres­i­dent is over, but his cam­paign has left behind a coher­ent social demo­c­ra­tic cur­rent in Amer­i­can pol­i­tics. How did this cur­rent cohere, where is it head­ing, and what does this mean for rad­i­cal pol­i­tics today?

The Afterbern

The Afterbern

To make the most of the polit­i­cal oppor­tu­ni­ties cre­ated by the Sanders cam­paign, rad­i­cals need to develop new forms of orga­ni­za­tion that are appro­pri­ate to our his­tor­i­cal con­junc­ture.

Making a Living

Making a Living

Today, amidst a changed polit­i­cal and class land­scape, strat­egy should take prece­dence over fidelity to the received canon. The activ­i­ties of social repro­duc­tion remain the field of pow­er­ful class antag­o­nisms.

Materials for a Revolutionary Theory of the State

Materials for a Revolutionary Theory of the State

“I believe that the sta­tus of the state in cur­rent think­ing on the Left is very prob­lem­atic,” Stu­art Hall wrote in 1984, in the midst of Mar­garet Thatcher’s war on the “enemy within.” He reflected on the legacy of the post­war period, which saw the exten­sion of pub­lic ser­vices within the con­text of a vast expan­sion of the state’s inter­ven­tion in social life. 

Between the Ivory Tower and the Assembly Line

Between the Ivory Tower and the Assembly Line

As aca­d­e­mics began to debate Nicholas Kristof’s recent attack on their pro­fes­sion, I was inter­view­ing a few of the lit­er­ally thou­sands of Amer­i­can rad­i­cals who left the uni­ver­sity for the fac­tory in the 1970s. 

Workers' Inquiry: A Genealogy

Workers’ Inquiry: A Genealogy

In 1880, La Revue social­iste asked an aging Karl Marx to draft a ques­tion­naire to be cir­cu­lated among the French work­ing class. Called “A Work­ers’ Inquiry,” it was a list of exactly 101 detailed ques­tions, inquir­ing about every­thing from meal times to wages to lodg­ing.